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  • JCSS is the DoD Modeling & Simulation Tool used to assess end-to-end communication network capabilities and performance. It is a desktop software application that provides modeling and simulation capabilities for measuring and assessing the information flow through the strategic, operational, and tactical military communications networks
  • JCSS is developed and fielded by DISA Enterprise Engineering Modeling and Simulation Division to support the Unified Combatant Commands, Services, and others within the Command, Control, Communications, and Computer Systems (C4) community
  • JCSS helps reduce the overall modeling and simulation cost to the DoD through model development standards and integration processes that promote the re-use of capabilities. Many of the simulation device and network models were contributed from the user community and integrated into the software where they are maintained for reuse.


  • An OPNET Modeler based Discrete Event Simulation tool that contains engineering level models developed by DISA and contributed by its users.
  • Provides military communication device models and customized military unique features including complex model configuration wizards, IERs, and OPFACs/Organization construct. Allows import of DoDAF architecture to validate system performance.
  • Standardized interface enables interoperability with other tools. A well-defined and documented XML-based interface and support for High Level Architecture (HLA)


  • The JCSS software will provide network engineers and technicians the ability to plan, evaluate, optimize, and study military communications networks as well as the ability to support commercial networks. Possible studies could be focused on the following areas:
    • Communication Network Performance Study: the ability to assess the effects of full operational combat traffic loading on military communications networks
    • Contingency Study: the ability to conduct quick-turn communications planning for small regional conflicts or peacekeeping scenarios
    • Emerging Technology Study: to be able to evaluate new communications systems and technologies.


Operational Scenario and Traffic Load data are input in the JCSS Communication Planner, which provides an output of Comms Performance.  This data can be used for mission planning and acquisition decision-making.