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DoD and Joint Staff directives assign the DSN Single System Manager (SSM) the responsibility for maintaining end-to-end configuration management of the DSN. This effort cannot be completed without the cooperation of the DoD components who own the DSN switches. The DSN SSM's vision for end-to-end management includes the development and implementation of a consolidated database repository that will provide the configuration information needed to properly manage the global network, satisfy up-channel reporting requirements, and provide the operational commands and authorized users with current switch configuration information.

Additionally, configuration management must:

  • Meet CJCSI 6215.01C CM Direction and Service Level Agreements End-to-End
  • Meet GIG Capstone Requirements End-to-End
  • Ensure Interoperability & Security End-to-End
  • Support DSN DIACAP Process
  • Enforce the JITC Certification Process
  • Comply with DISN NCCB Requirements
  • Improve DSN Financial Management of Operational Assets & Services
  • Support MILDEP Post/Camp/Station CM